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The Cruise Discover The Islands Port-Cros ans Porquerolles – Next excursion : June, the 19th 2024


An exceptional day between sea and land. A guided coastal cruise during which you will stop over in Port-Cros and Porquerolles.


Smoking is forbidden (even on the beach and in the water) except in the village

On Port-Cros island :

Dogs are allowed in the village and on a path going to the dam

Dogs are forbidden on the rest of the island.

On Porquerolles island :

Dogs on a leash are allowed. Dogs are not allowed on beaches.

In high winds, islands may have reduced access as a precautionary measure. In order to prepare your visit, check the information on wildfire risks the day before (from 6pm)

You should check out the map before going on a hike ( red) or extreme red (red with letter E)

Map of risk ans prevention information

Map of the open hiking trails when Port-Cros is classified as high risk (red color)

Map of the open hiking trails when Porquerolles is classified as high risk (red color)

Vedettes Iles d’or et le Corsaire can’t be held responsible if the forest is closed in case of high wind or drought (decision made by Prefectoral Decree)


Activities  on site

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