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Created in 1947, Vedettes Iles d’Or et le Corsaire maritime company is the result of a long history of war, resistance and friendship.

Landmark of the local historical and cultural heritage,today, it has 5 vessels of a 196 to 320 passenger capacity and an underwater exploration trimaran.

The company offers regular service to the islands of Hyères as well as coastal excursions departing from Lavandou, Cavalaire and la Croix-Valmer.

Since prehistoric times, the islands of Hyères have been visited or inhabited.

Before setting up regular service, the crossings to the islands of Port-Cros and Le Levant were carried out by the inhabitants and fishermen.

The first official service goes back to the 1920’s for the postal mail, the goods and a few passengers.

Then a seasonal service was progressively set up by Léopold PEGLIASCO with 3-hour crossings by rowboats for 100 to 150 passengers a year. His son Louis PEGLIASCO nicknamed Loulou Le Corsaire took over in the 1940’s.

The development of tourism started in 1932 with the creation of Héliopolis naturist domain on Le Levant island. The domain was created by doctors Gaston and André d’Urville (the people who rented about 10% of the island to the state). Le Levant became the main destination of travellers.

This development itensified with the beginnings of paid holidays in 1936.

After the war, mass tourism developped on the French riviera.

In 1947, Jean OLIVIER provided money and asked his friend Batistin PIN to create VEDETTES LES ILES D’OR coastal navigation company. They became the founders of the current Company. It purchased its first boat ILES D’OR III and opened its first office Quai Gabriel Péri. This location never changed.

This was the time of « Les 30 Glorieuses » (the thirty-year post-war boom) when several boats made the  crossings to Port-Cros and Le Levant islands (Family PEGLIASCO’s boats, VEDETTES LES ILES D’OR, the fishermen).

The two companies ferociously competed with each other until 1964 when a first association between them was set up.

In the years 1960-1968, both companies transport up to 2000 passengers a day (160 000 passengers a year).


Alain PEGLIASCO, Léopold PEGLIASCO’s grandson, then created his own submarine and engineering work company  called TMML.

In 1997, when Jean OLIVIER died, his son Jean-Paul OLIVIER became the CEO. Then in 2000, it was Jean OLIVIER’s other son, Jean-Pierre OLIVIER who became the CEO.

At that time, Jean-Pierre OLIVIER launched a large-scale refitting of the boats with the help of Alain PEGLIASCO via his engineering company

The company had to consolidate the way it worked :

  • Rationalization of the fleet (fewer but more modern boats),
  • Diversification of the product offer for the clientele.

In 2016, the company was taken over by Compagnie du Golfe et de la Navigation represented by Monsieur Denis ROBERT, CEO, who intends to ensure Vedettes Iles d’or et le Corsaire sustainability and harmonious development with the help of collaborators while being faithful to the historic values of the company.