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Le Levant Island

Famous for its naturist domain, Le Levant island welcomes you to enjoy its festive and convivial atmosphere, but also its unique and unspoilt coastline. Discover Héliopolis village which was created in 1931 as well as Réserve des Arbousiers with its unique vegetation.

Welcome to Le Levant island and Héliopolis naturist domain.

Recommendations for your trip

Map of Levant Isalnd

Le Levant island map is offered free of charge by Union des Commerçants du Soleil Levant

Compulsory naturism on the beach, sea shores and seaside walking paths.

Smoking is forbidden except in the village

Food and drink on site

Dogs allowed on a leash on the island, not allowed on Les Grottes beach

Activities on site

Explore the landscapes with our excursions

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