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Vedettes Îles d'OrNewsREGATTA VOILES DE SAINT-TROPEZ on Tuesday the 2nd and Saturday the 6th of October 2018

REGATTA VOILES DE SAINT-TROPEZ on Tuesday the 2nd and Saturday the 6th of October 2018

This is undeniably one of the most important events, if not the most important event.
The fairly lengthy story has been told so many times.
One day in September 1981, two boats, the “Pride” and the “Ikra” took each other on for fun.
The coastal route advertised was a departure from the Tower of Portalet (St-Tropez), arriving at the “Club 55” (a private beach on Pampelonne Bay), where Patrice de Colmont was to give
the winner a makeshift trophy known as the “Club 55 Cup”.
The following year’s meeting brought other friends on board the challenge.
The event was born. Patrice de Colmont would make it grow, in a family atmosphere that was to make the famous “Nioulargue” unique.
A tragic accident in 1995 laid the Nioulargue to rest.
The event could have made a fatal dive into oblivion but, thanks to the special attention given it by the competitors and so many others, this October gathering won back the right to be staged in Saint-Tropez in 1999.
The event, from now on known as the Voiles de St-Tropez (Saint Tropez Sails) took up the torch again, with the “theme tune” of keeping the spirit of yesteryear.


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Bateau– A gathering of different classes of modern and traditional sailing ships (up to 300 yachts)
– The arrival of several recognized, experienced sailors.
– Two coastal routes a day: one for the modern ships and one for the traditional ships, with staggered departures. It should be noted that, weather permitting, a total of 5 days of regattas may be held for the modern ships and 4 for the traditional ships with, in addition, a day of challenges, the “Club 55 Cup” (the boats challenge each other, recorded and managed by the
race committee).
– Sportsmanship, conviviality and festivities are a must.
– Admire, film and take photographs …this fairytale-hued show is a real panorama of the many sails and shades within the landscape, all part of Saint-Tropez’s very own colour palette!!